Medical digital Ltd provides computer medical applications for the specialty of Ophthalmology. The products include the Ocular Motility Analyser (OMA), replacing the manual and electric Hess and Lee screen tests for testing eye movements. The ocular motility testing applications on the OMA include: plotting eye movements, torsion and deviation measurements, plotting the field of BSV (binocular single vision) and plotting the UFOF (uniocular field of fixation). The OMA large screen also allows computerised preferential looking (PL) testing for infants and children.

The Medical Digital Vision (MD Vision) is another application from the Medical Digital Ltd. It is used to test visual acuity using various charts and various optotypes. It allows vision testing using Snellen charts, LogMAR charts and contrast sensitivity charts for adults and children; it also includes Kay picture test for testing the vision in children. The MD Vision can be sold in various options including portable vision testing, hanged on the wall or as AIO (All in One) computers. The MD Vision offers various LCD screen sizes ranging from 17" - 26" depending on  the user requirements. The testing distance can be set by the operator to anywhere between 3 and 6 meters to the nearest cm. It also include host of other features (see products for details).

MD stereo is another application that can be used for testing stereo acuity to assess stereoscopic vision. It allows construction of stereograms using preferred figures and chosen disparity to suite the age and purpose of testing. The MD Stereo is sold as a software to run under MS Windows on various computers including portable.