Assaf Ocular Motility Analyser(OMA)

The OMA offers plotting of eye movements (computerised Hess chart) and testing the field of binocular single vision (BSV). It also allows measurements of ocular deviations and torsions in prisms or degrees at the 9 positions of gaze. Such measurements can be done at 20, 25 or 30 degrees away from the primary position. Currently the OMA uses 50" + display screen which allows a reasonable testing distance for accurate measurement of the deviations. A 4th test that can be performed on the OMA is the uni-ocular field of fixation (UFOF) test. UFOF can be performed using Newcastle or full field options. 

The OMA tests (of similar type) are saved in one file. This will allows the operator to view and compare different tests as needed. Tests can be printed on paper or as pdf file for electronic processing.

Medical Digital Vision (MD Vision)

MD Vision is used to test visual acuity and contrast sensitivity in adults and children as well as illiterate individuals. It offers both LogMAR and Snellen's using letters, Kay pictures, Sheridan Gardiner, E-letter and C-letters. The contrast sensitivity tests can be used for any these methods of testing. The testing distance can be set ant any distance between 3 and 6 meters down to the nearest centimetre with mirror effect option for smaller testing lanes.

Medical Digital Stereo (MD Stereo)

MD Stereo is used for testing and screening of stereo acuity in children and adults utilising random dot stereograms in black and white or red green types. It is possible to construct and save your own stereo-images and screening plates using a variety of figures and disparities to suite various ages. Just select the figure to use in your stereograms and select the required disparity between 60"-3000" of arc. 

Preferential Looking Cards

Preferential looking (PL) cards can be used with the OMA large LCD screen. PL cards can be used to assess vision in preverbal children. There are a total of 10 different gratings levels available for this test. Testing distance is set at one meter and allows the use circle or square grating cards. The targets can be moved horizontally or vertically. The test result can be printed on paper or as pdf file.